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27 September 2020
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14 October 2020

From 6 to 11 October 2020 you can watch the films of this edition in streaming, even with extra contents, accessing the Più Compagnia virtual screenig room, with a single subscription of € 9.90 euros. A platform in collaboration with MyMovies.

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Tuesday 6 October

Festival Opening Film

H 9.00pm

by Mehrdad Oskouei (Iran, Norway, 2019, 74’)
Italian Premiere

Wednesday 7 October

H. 3.30pm

WATERPROOF by Daniela König (Jordan, Germany 2019, 88’)

H 6.00pm

SHOUTING AT THE WIND by Siavash Jamali, Ata Mehrad (Iran, 2018, 62’)
Italian Premiere

H 9.00pm

by Cenk Ertürk (Turkey, Germany, USA, 2019, 109’)

Thursday 8 October

H 3.30pm

143 RUE DU DESERT by Hassen Ferhani (Algeria, France, Qatar, 2019, 100’)

Italian Premiere

H 6.00pm

IN SEARCH OF OIL AND SAND by Wael Omar, Philippe Dib (Egypt, USA, 2012, 59’)
Italian Premiere

H 7.30pm

(total lenght 65′)

STARVATION by Zahra Rostampour (Iran, 2018, 8’)

HARMONICA by Ashkan Saedpanah (Kurdistan – Iran, 2019, 16′)

LIFE IS GONE WITH THE WIND by Siavash Saedpanah, Omid Gharibi (Iran, Kurdistan 2019, 6’)

SILENT LIGHTHOUSE by Farshad Ghafari e Payam Laghari (Iran, Kurdistan, 2019, 1’)

SOMEWHERE IN SILENCE by Javad Ganji (Kurdistan – Iran, 8’) only online!
An old man tries to communicate with his children for visiting them but no one calls him and he wants to find a way then one woman tries to help him.

5 WHOLE DAYS by Moein Zarabi (Kurdistan – Iran, 15’) only online!
One young man daily has problem to start to communicate with a girl and finally they make a good relationship and they fall in love in a new way to love.

di Salahaddin Faraji (Kurdistan – Iran, 10’) only online!

A man wants to suicide but he meets a prostitute woman in the rainy day in the street and wants to have relationship with her in the last days of himself.

H 9.00pm

YOMMEDINE by Abu Bakr Shawky (Egypt, Austria, USA, 2018, 97’)

Friday 9 October

H 3.30pm
ZHIRLEH by Bahar Rouhani (Iran, Kurdistan, 2019, 63’)
Italian Premiere

H 5.30pm
TINY SOULS by Dina Naser (Jordan, Qatar, France, Lebanon, 2019, 86’)
Italian Premiere

H 7:30pm
(total lenght 80′)

BROTHERWOOD by Meryam Joobeur (Tunisia, Canada, Qatar, Sweden, 2018, 25’)

COAST by Özkan Bal (Turkey, 2019, 4′)

SELFIE ZEIN by Amira Diab (Palestine, 2019, 11’)

THE TRAP by Nada Riyadh (Egitto, Germania, 2019, 20’)

THE YELLOW, THE CAT, THE KAYAKERS AND THE HOST by Esme Madra (Turkey, 2019, 19’)

H 9.00pm

OUT LOUD by Tamara Mamon (Israel, 2019, 60’) only online!
Omar, Muhammad and Yazan are three 12-year-olds from Lod. The boys are in their last year of elementary school, beginning to confront the challenges of life: Omar will deal with his father’s illness, Yazan will need to overcome the consequences of his violent behavior and Muhammad will prepare to leave Lod and the friends he loves so much. When Ella, a Jewish woman who emigrated from the former Soviet Union founds a choir in their school, she invites them to a safe and fantastic environment that will challenge the stark reality awaiting beyond the classroom walls and the real journey which occurs in the souls of the children.

Saturday 10 October

H 3.30pm

THE FRIEND’S HOUSE by Mohammad Reza Eyni (Iran, France, 2019, 60’)

Italian Premiere

H 5.30pm

BEIRUT, LA VIE EN ROSE by Èric Motjer Pintu (Spain, Lebanon, 2019, 73’)

Italian Premiere

H 7.30pm
(total lenght 70′)

THE WEDDING DRESS by Mohammed Salman (Saudi Arabia, 2016, 24’)

HAJWALAH by Rana Jarbou (Saudi Arabia, 2015, 21’)

COUNTRYMAN by Hassanein Khazaal (Iraq, France, 2019, 5’)

MARADONA’S LEG by Firas Khoury (Palestine, Germany, 2019, 23’

H 9.00pm
BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH by Najwa Najjar (Palestine, Iceland, Luxembourg, 2019, 95’)
Italian Premiere

Sunday 11 October

H 3.30pm
LES HIRONDELLES DE KABOUL by Zabou Breitman and Eléa Gobbé-Mévellec
(France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, 2019, 81′)

H 5.30pm

FORMERLY YOUTH SQUARE by Mina Akbari (Iran, 2019, 70′)

International Premiere

H 9.00pm

AYOUNI by Yasmin Fedda (UK, Qatar, 2020, 75′)

Italian Premiere




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