8 OCTOBER 2020

Thursday 8 October
Cinema La Compagnia – Via Cavour, 50r

H 3.30pm

ELEPHANT BIRD di Amir Masoud Soheili
(Afghanistan/Iran, 2019, 15’) v.o. – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
A mini-bus is on a journey across the mountains to Kabul. Each person on the bus has a reason to take this journey. An old man is traveling to give a turkey to his grandchild, as his last wish before dying. However, the main road is blocked by insurgents. They decide to use an alternative road, which is not very secure, and there is still the possibility of getting caught by insurgents.
Anteprima italiana (introduzione video del regista)

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143 RUE DU DESERT di Hassen Ferhani
(Algeria, Francia, Qatar, 2019, 100’) v.o.: algerino, francese, inglese – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano

In the middle of the Algerian sahara, in her relay, a woman writes her History. She welcomes, for a cigarette, a coffee or eggs, truckers, wandering beings and dreams… Her name is Malika.
Anteprima italiana, introduzione e Q&A in collegamento con il regista

H 6.00pm

COAST di Özkan Bal

(Turchia, 2019, 4′)
v.o. arabo – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
Hasan who is in the focus of our film, is a Syrian refugee. During the war in his country he lost his family and his home. All he has is some money, few clothes and an ID card which he doesn’t know what it’s for. On the beach that he was shored, life goes on as usual and nobody has even noticed Hasan’s abnormality.

Anteprima internazionale (introduzione video del regista)

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IN SEARCH OF OIL AND SAND di Wael Omar, Philippe Dib – Focus Music for Films
(Egitto, USA, 2012, 59’) v.o. arabo, inglese, francese – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano

Fiction meets reality: members of the Egyptian royal family made a film about themselves just a few weeks before the coup d’etat that ousted them from power. This 16mm footage shot in 1952 not only predicts their fate, but also – unwittingly – records the last days of a dynasty.
Introduzione e Q&A in collegamento con il regista e con il compositore Omar Fadel

H 6.00pm

Inaugurazione della mostra fotografica
“SEVEN BY SEVEN. Transcultural Narratives from The Middle East and North Africa.”
MAD Murate Art District – Piazza delle Murate – ingresso libero
– Talk con il curatore Roi Saade –


IL PUNTO DELLE 19:30 Cinema La Compagnia – ingresso gratuito

L’Egitto dopo le sabbie: storie di fuga e tortura
con Azzurra Meringolo (Fuga dall’Egitto) e Gianni del Panta (Minnena)
La giornalista RAI Azzurra Meringolo presenta il suo ultimo libro Fuga dall’Egitto. Inchiesta sulla diaspora del dopo-golpe e ci racconta storie di fuga forzata dall’Egitto contemporaneo del Generale-Presidente. Con lei, Taher Mokhar, un medico egiziano reo di essersi battuto per garantire l’assistenza sanitaria ai detenuti, e Gianni Del Panta, autore di Minnena. L’Egitto, l’Europa e la ricerca dopo l’assassinio di Giulio Regeni.


H 9.00pm

HAJWALAH di Rana Jarbou – Focus Whispered Voices

(Arabia Saudita, 2015, 21’) v.o. arabo – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
A young man’s passion for the illegal practice of tafheet—joyriding—provides a novel perspective on the rapidly growing desert metropolis of Riyadh, its highly regulated social interactions, and its structural economic stratification.
Anteprima italiana (introduzione video della regista)

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YOMMEDINE di Abu Bakr Shawky – Focus Music for Films

(Egitto, Austria, USA, 2018, 97’) v.o. arabo – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
Beshay, an Egyptian cured of leprosy, decides to leave the leper colony and embarks on a journey with his apprentice Obama, to find out why his father never kept his promise to return. Yomeddine was selected for the Official Competition at the Cannes Film Festival, where it won the François Chalais Prize.
Introduzione e Q&A in collegamento con il compositore Omar Fadel









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