Thursday 30 September
Cinema La Compagnia – Via Cavour, 50r

H 3.30pm
(Total length 40’)
Curated by Mehran Falsafi

Messi by Mojtaba Rostami
(Kurdistan, 2020, 14’) v.o. curdo – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
A little boy who makes a living by scavenging wishes to be someone like Messi in order to fulfil his sister’s dream. One night when his sister asks him to get a pizza, something bad happens to them.

I am Shirmorad di Arash Sepahvand
(Kurdistan, 2020, 7’) v.o. curdo – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
A worker works in the garden but the flood will ruin his works.

I Turn Off The Lights di Nima Abdolazimi
(Kurdistan, 2021, 10’) v.o. curdo – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
Rashid is a garbage man and he wants to have a romantic relationship and have sex but an event happens to think about that he doesn’t do.

Rozhan di Gita Faizi
(Kurdistan, 2021, 8’) v.o. curdo – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
Rozhan wants to rescue his father from the event that happens suddenly for her family…

Horse di Rasoul Ahmadi
(Kurdistan, 2019, 3’) no dialoghi / no dialogues
One boy tries to save his horse against the war.

to follow at 4.15pm

THEIR ALGERIA by Lina Soualem (
(Algeria, Francia, 2020, 70’) v.o.: algerino, francese, inglese – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
After 62 years of living together, Lina’s grandparents, Aïcha and Mabrouk, have decided to separate. Together, they came from Algeria to Thiers, a small medieval town in the middle of France, over 60 years ago. Side by side, they have experienced this chaotic immigrant life. For Lina, their separation is an opportunity to question their long journey of exile and their silence.

H 6.00pm

9 DAYS IN RAQQA by Xavier de Lauzanne ()
(Francia, 2020, 90′) v.o. arabo – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
Leila Mustapha is Kurdish and Syrian. Her battle was Raqqa, the former capital of the Islamic State with 300,000 inhabitants, reduced to a field of ruin after the war. An engineer by training, mayor at just 30, immersed in a world of men, her mission is to rebuild her city, to reconcile, and to establish democracy. An extraordinary mission. A French writer crosses Iraq and Syria to meet her. In this still dangerous city, she has 9 days to live with Leila and tell her story in a book.

to follow

H 6.00pm

Inaugurazione della mostra di illustrazioni
(vedi Eventi Speciali per maggiori informazioni)
Cartavetra – Via Maggio 64R Firenze – ingresso libero
opening e talk alla presenza dell’artista


Cinema La Compagnia – ingresso gratuito
Presentazione dell’ultimo libro di Luciana Borsatti
Come si vive in Iran oggi? Quale effetto ha sortito sull’Iran l’elezione di Joe Biden a presidente degli Stati Uniti d’America? Con il suo ultimo libro edito da Castelvecchi, Luciana Borsatti, per tre decenni giornalista ANSA, ci guida attraverso gli avvenimenti iraniani (e non solo) più recenti. Modera Giuseppe Alizzi

H 8:00pm
Eating Middle East – Cinema La Compagnia

Profumi e sapori dell’Afghanistan
A cura di Silvia Chiarantini / Pop Palestine e La Valle dei Cedri, in collaborazione con Twist Bistrot
Degustazione + proiezione del film a seguire: 15 euro
– posti limitati, prenotazione obbligatoria con prevendita direttamente alla cassa del Cinema La Compagnia –
(evento in ottemperanza delle disposizioni sanitarie anti-covid)
Per info: info@middleastnow.it

H 8.45

NOUR SHAMS by Faiza Ambah
(Arabia Saudita, 2021, 25’) v.o. arabo – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
Single mother SHAMS is an Uber driver in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with two obsessions; her only child MAKKI, and her African desserts. Shams struggles to get Makki married, or to get any interest in her desserts. In fact Makki wants to participate in a hip-hop competition, which could lead to winning an extended trip to France, and separate them for the first time in their lives. Shams is forced to decide which is more important, losing her son, or finding herself.
Anteprima italiana

to follow

by Ramadan Alharatani e Talal Albahiti
(Arabia Saudita, 2021, 60’) v.o. arabo – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
Saudi DJs like Baloo, Vinyl Mode and Dish Dash have been operating in the shadows for most of their lives, throwing illegal house parties and producing daring electronic music inspired by the global scene. As of 2017, their whole world changed when new social reforms swept across the country, ushering in a new era of creativity. In this candid film, they tell us their stories with unprecedented access – from how they navigated life in an ultra-conservative society to their newfound status as celebrated pioneers.
European Premiere

H 10.30pm

(Israele, 2020, 15’) v.o.: ebraico – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
We Were a Sterile Bomb is a coming-of-age story of 21-year-old Avi, living in a small southern town in 1997’s Israel. Avi, a lonely introvert, wanders in and out of the city. An encounter with a young man his age shakes his numb world. Anteprima italiana

to follow

AND I WAS THERE by Eran Paz (
(Israele, 2020, 64’) v.o. ebraico – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
As a young soldier, the director documented his unit taking over Palestinian homes, locking families in a room and turning their houses into military posts. Now, 18 years later, he confronts his past and returns to where it all began.
Anteprima italiana