Friday 13 October
Cinema La Compagnia – Via Cavour, 50r

H 5:00pm

Permanent Transitions in SHORT #2
(slot of 60’)
Second stop of an incredible trip about stories from Kurdistan, Iran, Syria, Turkey and Israel.

THE RETURN by Fatemeh Marzbani
(Kurdistan, Iran, 2023, 20′) v.o. curdo – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
Ata Tazik was engaged in smuggling and after the bad things that happened to him and his friend, he stopped smuggling and joined Zarivan Fishermen’s Cooperative. 
Anteprima internazionale

(Iran, 2022, 8′) v.o. curdo – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
A country occupied by foreigners, and there is only one survivor left. The occupiers have changed everything: Streets, names, languages, flags, etc.
The survivor has been fighting for thirty-seven years. Endless war, with undeniable reality…
Anteprima internazionale

FATHERLAND di Benjamin Kodboel
(Siria, 2023, 19′) vo arabo – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
Mesbah Msheelm and his three sons have lost their residence permits and now the father fears they will either be sent back to Syria or scattered in various other countries. But amidst the grief of recently losing his wife, Mesbah – with the heartfelt support of the local community – finds the energy to appeal the ruling and fight for the family to be allowed to stay in Denmark.
Anteprima Italiana

YOU ALL & I ALONE  di Sami Barış Kefeli e Nükhet Taneri
(Turchia, 2023, 13) v.o. turco– sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
Deniz is a well loved and respected scholar. During a city wide power cut in Istanbul, Deniz’s apartment has electricity. Deniz feels lucky at first, but as the blackout continues he starts to feel alienated.
Anteprima italiana

SWIMMING LESSON by Vardit Goldner
(Israel, 2021, 5′) vo ebraico – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
A mockumentary film in which Bedouin girls are taught to swim in a waterless “pool”, ‘Swimming Lesson’ aims to stimulate thought about the lack of swimming pools accessible to Bedouins in Israel, actually denying them swimming lessons and causing frequent cases of drowning.

H 6.00pm

SHE WAS NOT ALONE by Hussein Al-Assadi
(Iraq, WIP, 10’, 2023)  v.o. arabo – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
Fatima is a nomadic woman living alone, with her beloved animals in the Iraqi marshes. But as the climate changes create harsh obstacles, Fatima may be forced to move to the city, and lose her most cherished possessions, her independence and her animals.
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to follow

BAGHDAD ON FIRE di Karrar Al-Azzawi   (∗)
(Iraq, Norvegia, 2023, 60’) v.o. arabo – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
In 2019 massive protests erupted in Baghdad, led by young Iraqis demanding democracy and freedom from foreign influence. Having spent most of her life under the US occupation, Tiba joins the movement.
Anteprima italiana alla presenza del regista Karrar Al-Azzawi

Cinema La Compagnia – ingresso gratuito
Il cinema affronta la crisi climatica.
In conversazione con Huma Gupta

Con la partecipazione di Huma Gupta, fondatrice di Climate Futures, Cities Past Production, in conversazione don Giuseppe Alizzi (responsabile programma Talk del festival)

H 9.00pm

ALAM di Firas Khoury
(Tunisia, Francia, Palestina, Arabia Saudita, Qatar, 2022, 105’) v.o. arabo – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano
ALAM follows the story of a Palestinian teenager named Tamer, who – along with his friends – leads a typical teenage life until one day, he is swept off his feet by the arrival of the beautiful Maysaa. As he grows closer to her, Tamer agrees to take part in a mysterious and life-changing operation dubbed “Alam.”
Con la partecipazione dell’attrice protagonista Sereen Khass