3 APRIL 2019

Wednesday 3 Aprile
Cinema La Compagnia – Via Cavour, 50r

H. 4.00pm
Iran-Kurdistan MIX |small stories

Slot totale: 120’

I Stay di Fatemeh Marzban – documentario
(Iran 2018, 28’) – Anteprima internazionale
The story of a lonely man who decides to stay on an island abandoned by all the inhabitants in the middle of the Caspian Sea. The island is inhabited by wild horses and buffaloes. The man decides to tame the horses and prepare them for racing.

Bavani di Sajad Ahmadbaigi
(Iran/Kurdistan 2018, 28’) – anteprima italiana
This intense documentary is the story of a wedding in a tribe of Kurdish nomads in the mountains of Zagros, in eastern Iran.

Waterfolks di Azadeh Bizargiti
(Iran/Kurdistan 2018, 30’) – anteprima europea

Sakineh and Sobra are two of the many fisherwomen of Hangam Island in the Persian Gulf. They go to sea every day to support their families. This film is a close-up of their daily life at sea and on shore. No narration is needed as their story tells itself through stunningly beautiful images. It won best short documentary film from Cinema Verité Tehran.

High Dive di Donya Zandi
(Iran/Kurdistan 2018, 9’) – anteprima europea
Un bambino riesce a battere tutte le sue paure e il bullismo dei compagni con un salto mortale.

Cold Candle di Navid Zare

(Iran/Kurdistan 2017, 15’) – anteprima internazionale
A Christian child studies the Quran for a competition at school, and at home hides the Book. The grandmother notices the child’s fears, becomes suspicious, and finds the Quran. Returning from school the child finds the Quran under the cross of Christ, next to the Bible.

Bystander di Sheyda Kashi

(Iran 2017, 8’) – Anteprima italiana
An old man is living with a window in front of his eyes. He sees a cold, black and white and fragile world from behind the window. But the window was not always there while he was a young active participant of a big revolution…

H 6.00pm
Iraq MIX |web stories

199 Little Heroes serie diretta da Sigrid Klausmann

Iraq di Ali Kareem
(Iraq, Germania, 2018, 7’) v.o: arabo, sottotitoli:italiano, inglese
“199 Little Heroes“ is a worldwide film series project under the patronage of Germany’s UNESCO-Commission. Our aim is to portray one child in each country of the world – all of them framed alike by their way to school. The way to school is symbolic for the way into life, to education and, in that, into a better future.
Anteprima italiana, alla presenza della regista Sigrid Klausmann

h 6:15pm

Flavours of Iraq
di Leonard Cohen

(Siria, 2017, 50’) v.o: arabo, francese; sottotitoli:italiano, inglese
The flavor of apricot ice cream, the smell of gunpowder, the sound of bombings—the Iraqi-French filmmaker Feurat Alani appeals to the senses in his portrayal of Iraq through memories of family visits. As an adult he spends a number of years there working as a journalist, and is confronted by terror and war. In 20 animated shorts directed by Leonard Cohen, through minor events Alani’s personal history emerges, as well as that of his family and a blighted country. In spite of everything, there’s room for love, beauty, humor and above all humanity.
Anteprima italiana, alla presenza dell’autore Leonard Cohen


Cinema La Compagnia – ingresso gratuito

Flavours of Iraq: breve storia dell’Iraq moderno
Flavours of Iraq è una serie di 20 cortometraggi, scritta da Feurat Alani, giornalista francese di origini irachene, e animata da Leonard Cohen, pluripremiato disegnatore francese. Nel 2006, Feurat Alani, giornalista francese di origini irachene viene inviato in Iraq durante l’occupazione americana, scoprendo gli odori, i suoni e i silenzi di un Paese, l’Iraq, la cui storia è strettamente legata a quella della sua famiglia. Dagli oltre 1.500 tweet di Alani inviati al mondo dall’Iraq, nasce questa serie che ci presenta una vera e propria breve storia dell’Iraq moderno. In dialogo con Giuseppe Alizzi (architetto, saggista) ci sarà Leonard Cohen, che è anche autore dell’immagine promozionale di Middle East Now 2019.

H 8:45
Middle East Now – 10 Years HABIBTI CAKE
In sala, una grande torta colorata per festeggiare assieme i 10 anni del festival!
(inclusa nel biglietto del cinema)

Fireworks Wednesday
di Asghar Farhadi
(Iran, 2006, 104’) v.o: persiano – sottotitoli: inglese, italiano

The film portrays three couples on the eve of Nouruz, the Iranian New Year. Rouhi, a young woman who is about to get married, takes a small job as a cleaner in an apartment in northern Tehran to finance her marriage. When she arrives in that apartment, she finds herself in a heated dispute between Mojdeh and Morteza. Mojdeh suspects her husband Morteza of cheating on her and her neighbour Simin, and obliges Rouhi to shadow them. Rouhi gets more and more between the fronts of the fighting couple.
Alla presenza del regista Asghar Farhadi