FOCUS: WINDOW ON KUWAIT, young filmmakers from Kuwait

Middle East Now continues its journey though the Gulf: after visiting Qatar in 2014, the United Arab Emirates in 2015, Bahrain in 2016 and Oman in 2017, it now comes to Kuwait. Laura Aimone, Arabian Gulf Region film consultant for Middle East Now and collaborator of several prominent international film festivals, delves into the main topic of this edition of the Festival, being connected in the Middle East, declining it into different technological nuances. What emerges is a multifaceted and at times oneiric picture that invites the viewer to think about what used to be, what is now and possibly what is going to be with an ironic smile.

Programma Focus: Window on Kuwait
Giovedì 12 aprile / Thursday, April 12th h. 17:00 / 5:00pm
Cinema La Compagnia
(slot 63’)

The Best Life di Meqdad Al-Kout (Kuwait, 2016, 6’)
Men’s Barbershop di Mishal Al Hulail (Kuwait, 2012, 14’)
Our Neighbor Bu Hamad di Mishal Al Hulail (Kuwait, 2017, 33’)
Sandarah di Yousef Al Bagshi (Kuwait, 2014, 7’)
The Unmissing Part di Ahmed Alkhudari (Kuwait, 2016, 3’)

Single Screening:
The Best Life di Meqdad Al-Kout – opening evening, martedì 10 aprile / Tuesday, April 10 h.21.00 / 9:00