Focus on new cinema from Egypt

The Focus on Egypt is one of the highlights of this edition, with a selection of films that tell the country in a critical time of its recent history.

In 1896, several venues in Alexandria and Cairo hosted some of the earliest known screenings of the world’s first movies, directed by the Lumiere Brothers. Egypt went on to establish a dominant position as the capital of the Arab film world, as the “Hollywood on the Nile”, with international stars such as Omar Sharif and Faten Hamama. But the glory days could not last, and the industry suffered a devastating blow with the 2011 revolution. The aftershocks continued with the overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi in 2013, and subsequent violence across the country. But after years of instability, there are signs that the Egyptian movie powerhouse is coming back to life. Middle East Now wants to dedicate to it a focus with the screening of 5 films by young directors that will tell us more of their country in such a crucial moment of its recent history.

Happily Ever After di Nada Riyadh, Ayman El Amir –giovedì 6 Aprile / Thursday, April 6th h.18.15 / 6.15pm
Whose Country? di Mohamed Siam – venerdì 7 Aprile / Friday, April 7th h.18.15 / 6.15pm
Withered Green di Mohammed Hammad – venerdì 7 Aprile / Friday, April 7th h.22.30 / 10.30pm
In the last days of the city di Tamer El Said – sabato 8 Aprile / Saturday, April 8th h.20.45 / 8.45pm
Ali, The Goat, and Ibrahim di Sherif Elbendary – domenica 9 Aprile / Sunday, April 9th h.21.00 / 9.00pm