FLAVOURS OF IRAQ by Feurat Alani and Leonard Cohen

ISHKAR Craftmanship from countries at war
21 February 2019
Food special guest will be ANISSA HELOU, the acclaimed chef and author of bestsellers of Middle Eastern cuisine
23 February 2019

The exhibition-installation at Cinema La Compagnia inspired by the animation film that tells the personal story of the Iraqi-French reporter Feurat Alani in the visual storytelling by Leonard Cohen

Cinema La Compagnia (Via Cavour 50/R)

2 / 7 April – free entrance

The flavor of apricot ice cream, the smell of gunpowder, the sound of bombings—the Iraqi-French filmmaker Feurat Alani appeals to the senses in his portrayal of Iraq through memories of family visits. As an adult he spends a number of years there working as a journalist, and is confronted by terror and war. In 20 animated shorts directed by Leonard Cohen, through minor events Alani’s personal history emerges, as well as that of his family and a blighted country.

At the Cinema La Compagnia a multimedia installation of videos and images allows the public to immerse themselves in the personal experience of Flavours of Iraq.


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