ISHKAR Craftmanship from countries at war

At the Cinema La Compagnia the pop-up shop exhibition dedicated to ISHKAR, the platform launched by Flore de Taisne and Edmund Le Brun promoting high-crafted items produced by artisans living and working in countries at war

Cinema La Compagnia  2/7 April

Cocktail and presentation with the founders:
Friday April 5, h.8:30 – free entrance

After three years in Afghanistan, Flore de Taisne and Edmund Le Brun created ISHKAR, an association with the aim of promoting and enhancing objects and products of the highest quality made by artisans in countries affected by the war. From London the two young people are trying to help the victims of the war, giving a different image of countries like Afghanistan, devastated by years of conflict. Ishkar is an online shop, displaying beautiful jewels, fine-weave camel shawls, necklaces and knives.

The founders will be in Florence to present their project, which will also be an exhibition / pop up shop curated by the group of architects Archivio Personale. “Today we are talking about Afghanistan, Syria, and Mali, and we immediately think about war and destruction. But it has not always been this way. Our products aim to open a rare window on lands known for their culture, natural beauty and millennial artisan skills, long before they are known for destruction, war and suffering.”