EXHIBITIONS 2014: Reportage “Persia Mon Amour” on the Iranians living in Florence

Persia Mon Amour_by Edoardo Delille_MANOOCHEHR

A reportage and a photographic exhibition – PERSIA MON AMOUR – at the Boralevi Carpet Gallery in Via Maggio – on the Iranians living in Florence signed by photographer Edoardo Delille and journalist Edoardo De Lille.

Florence has one of the largest community of Iranians in Italy, with nearly 2,000 residents (the highest concentration of Iranian citizens for an Italian city). The project by the photographer artist Edoardo Delille and the journalist Jacopo Storni (Corriere della Sera) represents the microcosm of the “Iranians of Florence” through a series of 20 portraits: doctors, businessmen, traders, students, musicians, beauticians, bartenders,  images that recount their stories, depicting two worlds so far so close, about love and hate for Iran, “a country veiled and oppressed, unique and unforgettable”. For them Iran does not mean nuclear energy, Iran means “ta’arof”. They say that Florence is their future, but Persia knocks at the door of their hearts.

IO Donna Iraniani-1  IO Donna Iraniani-2

IO Donna Iraniani-3

“Fratelli d’Iran”, portfolio on the project published on IO DONNA – Corriere della Sera (Saturday 12 April 2014)

Persia Mon Amour 4
Opening of the exhibition at the Boralevi Gallery (ph. Francesca Manolino)

Persia Mon Amour_Mariam ok
Mariam photo by Edoardo Delile

Persia Mon Amour 3
Opening at the Boralevi Gallery (ph. Francesca Manolino)


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