H. 10 am
Workshop dedicated to documentary film presented by Greenhouse Film Centre, in cooperation with Fondazione Sistema Toscana, Festival dei Popoli and Associazione Documentaristi Anonimientry restrcted to registered members

H. 2.30 pm
“IL NUOVO SOGNO ARABO. DOPO LE RIVOLUZIONI” – The New Arab Dream. After the Revolutions (Feltrinelli Editore)
Talk with the author coordinated by Alberto Tonini (Universita’ di Firenze) with the participation of Stefano Torelli (Sette – Corriere della Sera, ISPI).

H. 3.00 pm

BEHIND ME OLIVE TREES by Pascale Abou Jamra – short
(Lebanon, 2012, 20′) vo. arabic, subtitles: italian, english
After living in Israel for 10 years, Mariam and her brother return to their native village in southern Lebanon. Their homecoming is treated with suspicion and hostility as they are the children of an agent of the ‘Lahd army’, who was cooperating with the Israeli forces, before southern Lebanon was freed in 2000. italian premiere





TALE OF TWO SYRIA by Yasmin Fedda – documentary
(Syria, Uk, 2012, 64’) vo. arabic, english, subtitles: italian, english
A Tale Of Two Syrias is a snapshot of life before Syria’s uprising began, seen through the eyes of two people; Salem, an Iraqi refugee and fashion designer in Damascus and Botrus, a monk in the remote hillside monastery of Mar Musa. This film is about their dreams, discussions, and questions around freedom and choice in the year before Syria descended into serious conflict. Italian premiere



H. 4.30 pm

Greenhouse is a groundbreaking development program for documentary filmmakers from the Middle East and North Africa. With Sigal Yehuda (director of Greenhouse), Bruni Burres (producer, Sundance Documentary Programme), John Appel (director and  producer), Robert Hans Eisenhauer (producer ZDF/ARTE) and the directors Abeer Haddad (Duma), Yariv Mozer (The Invisible Men), Youssef Ait Mansour (In The Name of the Brother), moderator Vittorio Iervese (Universita’ of Modena)




Greenhouse Film | IN THE NAME OF THE BROTHER by Youssuf Ait Mansour – documentary
(Morocco, 2013, 52’) vo. arabic, english, subtitles: italian, english
The director’s brother  had disappeared for a year, cutting all ties with his family, leaving them in fear and despair. Until a phone call to his mother suddenly announces that he is alive: Moustapha was in the madrasa Nahila, the Koranic school in the small village of Sebt Mazouda, 90 kilometers from Marrakesh. From a letter to Moustapha, which recalls his absence but also their childhood memories, the director’s brother tell of his current life marked by simplicity, austerity and serenity in the place in which he has chosen to live. In the presence of the director and of the mentors and producers


H. 6.00 pm

KALOO SCHOOL by Sahra Mosawi – short
(Afghanistan, UK, 2012, 10′) vo. dari, subtitles: italian, english
School has never been something to be taken for granted in Afghanistan, especially for girls. The result is that more than two-thirds of the Afghan population is illiterate, and the percentage is even higher among women. Fortunately, 9-year-old Fakhere does go to school, albeit after tending the sheep. Italian premiere, in the presence of the director




CASABLANCA MON AMOUR by John Slattery – documentary
(USA, Marocco, 2012, 78’) vo. arabic, english, subtitles: italian, english
Casablanca Mon Amour is a modern road movie that encapsulates the more complex and fractured nature of living in a world where TV and wars compete for headlines and occupy imaginations. Using movies as a road map between yesterdayʼs Hollywood and todayʼs Morocco, Casablanca Mon Amour offers a Moroccan perspective on the long and entwined relationship between Hollywood and The Arab/Muslim World. Italian premiere, In the presence of the director and of the producer


H. 8.30 pm
GOOD CHILDHOOD DAYS di Aliyar Rasti – short
(Iran, 2013, 3′) vo. persian, subtitles: italian, english
Through a nostalgic journey, the viewer is transported to the childhood of Aliyar Rasti and Siavash Naghshbandi in the 1980s. The music was composed by Iranian rock band Bomrani and is based on a famous Iranian kindergarten song from that period. Italian premiere


A WORLD NOT OURS by Mahdi Fleifel – documentary
(Lebanon, UK, UAE, 2012, 93’) vo. arabic, english, subtitles: italian, english
The film tells the story of Mahdi Fleifel’s long-time friend Abu Eyad. The two men share a passion for Palestinian politics, melancholic music and football. During the football world cup, the Palestinians watch the matches on a TV in a sports shop. For a few weeks, they become Brazilians, Germans or Italians. But whereas Fleifel may enter and leave the camp as he pleases, Abu Eyad is left only with his decision to escape. Danish director Mahdi Fleifel presents the life of three generations in Ain al-Hilweh, the Palestinian refugee camp in south Lebanon where he grew up. Italian premiere, in the presence of the producer, introduce the film the journalist Raffaele Palumbo


H 10.30 pm

RED THING by Ramin Rahimi – short
(Iran, 2012, 1′) without dialogues
A giant red thing invades the city and desperately tries anything it can to get people’s attention. Italian premiere






FACING MIRRORS by Negar Azarbayjani – feature film
(Iran, Germany, 2012, 102′)
Rana, a conservative young mother, has been secretly driving a cab to support her family since her husband went to jail. When she picks up Adineh, a young woman from a wealthy family who is fleeing an arranged marriage and the country for a transgender operation, it’s a clash of class and belief systems. But soon enough, an unlikely alliance forms.
Italian premiere in the presence of the director, the actresses and the producer, introduce the film Farian Sabahi, journalist and Iranian historian




CINEMA STENSEN, viale Don Minzoni 25C

H. 4.00 pm – STENSEN


(Tot. 77’)
Introduce the session, Bianca Maria Filippini expert of Iranian cinema

A Few Kilometers Away by Ebrahim Irajzadshort
(Iran, 2013, 17′)
A 40-year-old woman reaches a shocking conclusion after her conversation with the young pregnant woman she offers a lift to. The car, a small private world in itself, is regularly used in Iranian cinema as a primary location. Cleverly constructed confrontation.

Red Thing by Ramin Rahimi – short
(Iran, 2013, 1′)
A giant red thing invades the city and desperately tries anything it can to get people’s attention.

Keep Us; Keep Us by Ehsan Amani – short
(Iran, 2013, 21′)
In cosmopolitan Tehran, people spend a lot of time in the car.  In one shot, we follow the journey of a married couple and a good friend. The mood is spontaneous and humorous. After an inappropriate practical joke with a mobile phone, the inside of the car changes from a relaxed private space into a nerve-wracking cookie tin stuck in traffic.

Good Childhood Days by Alyar Rasti and Siavash Naghshbandi – short
(Iran, 2013, 5′)
Back to the 1980s, when both directors grew up, while we hear a contemporary Iranian rock version of a children’s song from that decade. Through a nostalgic journey, the viewer is transported to the childhood of Aliyar Rasti and Siavash Naghshbandi in the 1980s. The music was composed by Iranian rock band Bomrani and is based on a famous Iranian kindergarten song from that period.

Make Art Not War by Icy and Sot – short
(Iran, 2012, 4’).
A cardboard city and a tank that shoots beautiful graffiti on the walls. The title says it all: Make art, not war!

Under the Colours by Emaeil Monsef – short
(Iran, 2011, 20′)
This soldiers’ tale begins when a female item appears in the barracks A red skirt becomes more than a simple piece of clothing in a tale that blends the insouciant with the profound.

Bride Can by Ronak Taher – short
(Australia, Iran, 2011, 7’)
Ironic “deconstruction” of the lives of women in traditional society of Iran, through a delicate and surprising animation technique.

My Green Pencil by Fayaz Bahram – short
(Iran, 2012, 2′)
A little girl sacrifices her beautiful green pencil to bring back the spring.


H. 5.30 pm – STENSEN

THEIR FEAST by Reem Morsi – short
(Egypt, Canada, UK, USA, 2012, 20’) vo. arabic,  subtitles: italian, english
In the wake of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, a mother prepares a feast to celebrate the release of her eldest son from prison. The family’s youngest son goes on the hunt for the one ingredient they can’t afford, encountering his neighbours’ varying positions on the recent uprisings. With compassion and gripping realism, Reem Morsi gives voice to the emotional legacy of this historic event. Italian premiere




PARVIZ by Majid Barzegar – feature film
(Iran, 2012, 105′) vo. Persian, subtitles: italian, english
Parviz is a man in his fifties who has lived his entire life in his father’s home and has never held a job. He spends his days doing housework for his father and chores for the people of the residential complex in which they live. This quiet routine suddenly comes apart with his father’s decision to remarry. Parviz is told to move out and live in a place that his father has rented for him. Introduce the film Felicetta Ferraro, iranist



H 8.30 pm – STENSEN

KABUL AT WORK by David Gill – short
(Afghanistan, UK, 2012, 15′) vo. dari, pashto,subtitles: italian, english
Screening of four video portraits of Kabul at Work, a multimedia project that tells of the city of Kabul nowadays through men and women who contribute every day, through their work, to revive it. Italian premiere in the presence of the director





THE CUTOFF MAN by Idan Hubel  feature film
(Israel, 2012, 76’) vo.  hebrew, subtitles: italian, english
Gabi cuts off the water supply to people who don’t pay their bills. There’s no choice, it’s either that or unemployment. The more he cuts off, the more money he makes. Like a thief he sneaks into back yards, where the water meters are and like an executor he roams the neighborhood streets. When people see him they curse and humiliate him. they blame him for their situation. Gabi keeps cutting off water, he has a family to support. How long will it be before he breaks? Introduce the film Marcella Simoni, professor at Cà Foscari University Venice


H. 10.30 pm – STENSEN

ZAYTOUN by Eran Riklis – feature film
(Israel, UK, France, 2012, 107’) vo. arab, hebrew ssubtitles: italian, english
Zaytoun  is the story of the unlikely alliance between a twelve-year-old Palestinian refugee and an Israeli fighter pilot shot down over Beirut. The last film of the Israelian director Eran Riklis, that has as a protagonist the Holltwood star Stephen Dorff. Italian premiere






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