PERMANENT TRANSITIONS: theme of the festival 2023

Throughout human history, societies have undergone stages of development and major turning events, creating highs and lows, awakenings and crises. Every generation experiences these micro and macro cyclical occurrences, lives through, and learns from the transitions from one phase to the next.

In recent times, there has been an ongoing discussion surrounding the rapid pace of social transformations and technological advancements. Our world appears to be in a perpetual state of change, characterized by notable transitions — the emergence of new media, the rise of populism, anti-capitalism decolonial movements, new waves of migration, gender fluidity and nonbinary identities, marginalized communities’ rights, climate change awareness, the rapid growth of AI and automation. All of it contributes to the recent significant developments in our societies. These shifting grounds present both opportunities and dilemmas.

As we all navigate these transitions, we invite you this year to reflect with us on the progress and challenges that come with change. Our films aim to encourage introspection and provide a space for reimagining our shared future. Together, let us embark on a cinematic journey that inspires new narratives, stimulates reflection, and broadens our perception.

Roï Saade