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29 February 2020
Middle East Now postpones the dates of the 2020 festival
8 March 2020

A new project dedicated to comics and graphic novels, which aims to observe the Middle East from a different point of view: stories in color or black and white tell the complexity of this region, trying to explain it not only to young people. Alternative points of view with the aim to unhinge well-established prejudices and stereotypes. Alongside the now famous Satrapi and Zerocalcare, every year the ranks of cartoonist and graphic novels authors become more and more dense, who are responsible for giving voice and body to History with a capital “H” and to the smaller stories of those who, like us, are bathed in same sea.

A project conceived and curated by Anna Di Giusto, researcher and expert in comics; a project that during the festival will become an exhibition-installation in the foyer of the Cinema La Compagnia – signed by the creative studio Archivio Personale, with a series of sound stories taken from the books and read by Laura Croce (Murmuris) – and a series of talks and workshops with the authors in the festival schedule.

_ exhibition-installation “The Middle East in comics”
Cinema La Compagnia – Via Cavour, 50R
6 / 11 ottobre – ingresso gratuito

_ talk e workshop con gli autori
Mercoledì 7 ottobre – IL PUNTO DELLE 19:30
Cinema La Compagnia – ingresso gratuito

Essere donna e bambina in Medioriente: storie di guerra, rifugiati e velo in immagini
con Diala Brisly (Se chiudo gli occhi) e Laura Battaglia (La sposa yemenita)

Venerdì 9 ottobre – IL PUNTO DELLE 19:30
Cinema La Compagnia – ingresso gratuito
Mediterraneo prosciugato
Presentazione del libro con Luca Ferrara

Domenica 11 ottobre – WORKSHOP ore 10:30
Saletta My Movies (Cinema La Compagnia) – ingresso su prenotazione: info@middleastnow.it
Fumetto e impegno sociale: incontro con Luca Ferrara


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