EXHIBITION: “Watermelon After Lunch” by Zahra Marwan

At the Cinema La Compagnia and at the Cartavetra art gallery, on stage a new art project by the artist Zahra Marwan, a young and talented illustrator of Kuwaiti origin based in the United States. Zahra Marwan works investigate the complexity of being Middle Eastern in a reality different from that of her origins. His illustrations, evocative and ironic at the same time, are a delicate combination of random thoughts, small memories and dreamy images – snoozing in the afternoon, stumbling into a wedding, sitting out late at night laughing and drinking tea, eating watermelon after lunch at grandparents’ homes – and they tell a lot about the complexity of her condition: about feeling foreigner anywhere she is, though often equally as comfortable, embraced in New Mexico while carrying a Kuwaiti heart.


project and illustrations exhibition

Cinema La Compagnia – Via Camillo Cavour, 50/R
28 September / 3 October 2021

Cartavetra – Via Maggio 64R Firenze
30 September / 6 October (hours: Mon-Sat | 3:30pm / 7:00pm) – free entrance

_ Opening and Talk with the artist Zahra Marwan:
Thursday 30 September – 6:00pm