CINEMA 2020 @en

1 September 2020

FOCUS “WHISPERED VOICES”: emerging cinema from the Gulf

Middle East Now continues its journey through the Gulf and it now comes to Saudi Arabia. Laura Aimone, Gulf Countries programme consultant for Middle East Now […]
20 September 2020


The 2020 edition presents many titles from Iran and Kurdistan: a series of films, documentaries, short films and animations that tell stories of a country and […]
25 September 2020

MUSIC FOR FILMS: special guest the composer OMAR FADEL

An absolute novelty of this edition – in line with the festival theme “Visual Voices” – is the “MUSIC FOR FILMS” focus, dedicated to the soundtracks […]
26 September 2020

The program of Middle East Now 2020 is online!

Have a look at the daily program at Cinema La Compagnia: TUESDAY 6 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 7 OCTOBER THURSDAY 8 OCTOBER FRIDAY 9 OCTOBER SATURDAY 10 OCTOBER […]
14 October 2020

All the Awards of Middle East Now 2020

“Between Heaven and Earth” by the Palestinian director Najwa Najjar wins the Middle East Audience Award. The “Cinema Iran 2020 Award” dedicated to Felicetta Ferraro goes […]