SPECIAL GUEST 2013: Hollywood star Stephen Dorff at the festival with “Zaytoun”

1 April 2013
1 April 2013

The Hollywood star Stephen Dorff was in Florence for the opening of “Middle East Now” festival with the Italian premiere of Zaytoun, the latest film by the Israeli director Eran Riklis

Wednesday April 3, at 9 pm at Cinema Odeon in Florence, for the opening of Middle East Now, the festival dedicated to cinema and contemporary culture from the Middle East, there was the American actor Stephen Dorff, star of the last movie from acclaimed Israeli director Eran Riklis.

The film, an Italian premiere, tells the story of the friendship between the Israeli pilot Yoni (Stephen Dorff) and Fahed, a Palestinian orphan boy  during the war in Lebanon in 1982. Fahed tries to help Yoni to escape after the pilot was captured, hoping to be taken for the first time to visit the Palestinian village from which his family comes from. For the two “enemies” begins a daring escape through a Lebanon shocked by the fighting, but that will take them to forge a deep friendship, whose symbol is the olive tree (Zaytoun) that the child brings.

The world premiere of Zaytoun was at the last edition of the Toronto Film Festival, where the film won the Audience Award for the “Best Film”. Dorff, one of the emerging names of the star system of Hollywood, starred in several successful films, among these the Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, which won the Venice Film Festival.




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