FASHION: Harakat Sisters present “Urban Sounds from Casablanca to Beirut”

The photo exhibition “Saudi Tales of Love” by Tasneem Alsultan
22 March 2017
Workshop: il DOC LAB in collaborazione con Greenhouse
22 March 2017

The festival presents the work and creativity of the Harakat Sisters, young fashion designers based between Beirut, Casablanca and Paris, founders of the creative studio that bears their name, which means ”mouvement ” in arabic. 
Sara & Nisrine, two Nomad sisters that roam the world in search of inspiration and creative projects, in their  designs and creations, they mix design, fashion, music and visual pop culture, reinterpreting the tradition.
Their cult piece is the Kssetta bag, that they will present with a site-specific installation and a pop up shop at Boutique Nadine (Via dei Benci, 32), curated by Archivio Personale.

Urban Sound from Beirut to Casablanca
installation / pop up shop

Boutique Nadine – Via dei Benci, 32

Opening: Friday 7th April – 6.30pm

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