Sunday 30 August: special screenings at the summer arena Cinema nel Chiostro of Santa Maria Novella

On Sunday 30 August, at 9.30 pm, with a short film dedicated to Beirut and an extraordinary documentary on Yemen, a special Middle East Now evening concludes the programme of the summer arena in the Cloister of Santa Maria Novella.


After a series of online screenings, Middle East Now returns to present an evening of outdoor cinema in the beautiful cloister of Santa Maria Novella: Sunday 30 August (9.30 pm), the screening-event starring the Lebanese short film TSHWEESH, a tribute to the city of Beirut, and to follow the documentary “YEMEN. Nonostante la Guerra” at the presence of the author, the acclaimed Italian Yemeni journalist Laura Silvia Battaglia.

In collaboration with MSF Doctors Without Borders, a special preview of the first documentary that tells the story of the civil society that resists in Yemen at war: beyond the bombs, the violence of the militias and a devastating health crisis, the sprouts of a possible reconstruction.

TSHWEESH by Feyrouz Serhal

(Lebanon, Germany, Spain, Qatar, 2017, 24’)

to follow
YEMEN, NONOSTANTE LA GUERRA di Laura Silvia Battaglia
(Yemen, Italy 2020, 52′)


Screening time: ore 21.30
Entrance from Piazza della Stazione – tickets and entrance from 8.45pm

Info and ticket: