VISUAL VOICES: festival theme 2020

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14 November 2019
Il Medio Oriente a fumetti: progetto speciale al festival 2020
23 February 2020

“VISUAL VOICES” from the Middle East: festival theme 2020

The cultural, cinematic and artistic domain are active forums for social engagement in the Middle East. Many artists in the region are commenting on socio-political issues and making their voices heard through cinema, poetry, music and the visual arts. The festival will bring on stage artists, directors, musicians from different countries of the MENA region who will talk about their experience working and performing in the Middle East and the role that art and culture – and above all visual forms of expressions – play as a toll to tell more about their lives in their countries. How much of an impact does social and political issues have on the lives and artistic output of artists? Can art bring about positive social change? “Visual Voices” is a trasversal theme thoroughout the festival, that will touch cinema, art and photography projects, talks and debates.

Image credit: “1982” by Oualid Mouaness

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