Middle East Now is an international film and documentary event on the culture and society of contemporary Middle Eastern countries.
The festival – the first event of its kind in Italy – is held every year in Florence, and the last edition reported a huge success in terms of audience and press coverage. The programme is also supplemented by a series of cultural events, encounters with the directors, talk shows hosting people related to Middle East, to sustain debate and involve attendees in the festival main themes. Because Film Middle East Now is a platform and an occasion for the Italian and international public to discover and get to know these countries.

We are currently selecting feature films, documentaries and short films for the IV EDITION of the Festival (3-8 April 2013).

We are looking for the most recent works (production years 2011-2012) of directors/producers coming from Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia and North Africa. The works could be also directed or produced NOT in the Middle Eastern countries, BUT they should be necessarily focused on the Middle East and tell stories or issue / facts related to this part of the world, its societies, cultures, politics as well as ordinary lives.

Please kindly send a DVD screening copy of your film plus a synopsis and a short biography of the director to the attention of:

Lisa Chiari
Map of Creation / Via Lungo L’Affrico 102 / 50137 FIRENZE – ITALY

or if you prefer, please send us the Vimeo link or another internet system to watch the film online.
We will be glad to consider your work for the program of the next edition of the Festival.

Map of Creation

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