Roberto Ruta

23 September 2020

VISUAL VOICES: watch the festival teaser of this edition

“VISUAL VOICES” from the Middle East is the festival theme 2020. The cultural, cinematic and artistic domain are active forums for social engagement in the Middle East. […]
20 September 2020


The 2020 edition presents many titles from Iran and Kurdistan: a series of films, documentaries, short films and animations that tell stories of a country and […]
1 September 2020

FOCUS “WHISPERED VOICES”: emerging cinema from the Gulf

Middle East Now continues its journey through the Gulf and it now comes to Saudi Arabia. Laura Aimone, Gulf Countries programme consultant for Middle East Now […]
29 August 2020

Sunday 30 August: special screenings at the summer arena Cinema nel Chiostro of Santa Maria Novella

On Sunday 30 August, at 9.30 pm, with a short film dedicated to Beirut and an extraordinary documentary on Yemen, a special Middle East Now evening […]
28 July 2020

The premiere of AYOUNI by Yasmin Fedda, dedicated to Padre Paolo Dall’Oglio, Wednesday 29 July at “Più Compagnia”

Wednesday 29 July, at 9.30 pm in the virtual screening room “Più Compagnia” of the Cinema La Compagnia, the premiere of the documentary that gives a […]
8 March 2020

Middle East Now postpones the dates of the 2020 festival

Dear Middle East Now friends and fans, we are working for you and despite the difficult moment, the 11th edition of Middle East Now will take […]
29 February 2020

The Middle East in comics

A new project dedicated to comics and graphic novels, which aims to observe the Middle East from a different point of view: stories in color or […]
29 February 2020

Volunteers Staff: would you like to join the festival team?

Would you like to be part of the staff of this edition of the festival, participate in its organization and live the unique experience of the […]
23 February 2020

Il Medio Oriente a fumetti: progetto speciale al festival 2020

Il Medio Oriente a fumetti: progetto speciale al festival 2020 Un nuovo progetto dedicato al fumetto e alla graphic novel, che si propone di osservare il […]